Hey guys...not so happy me here, and you know why...lazygaming has recently sent a post on freddyfazbear1390's account announcing he's leaving and said for us not to forget him...and I will never forget him, for he gave me comfort and -the thing I love the most- his love. I also shall never forgive him for he helped me get through this thing called life, and I don't know what I would do without him...I know that he might not come back...and if he never does, I will kill myself because he was the only thing I lived for..he was the only one I truly cared about...I mean yes, falco also helped me, but he never made me laugh and make me feel comfortable as much as lazygaming did. Lazygaming, if you ever come back...we miss you, I miss made me feel like I was more then I was, like I was amazing...but now that you left I feel...I feel like a loser. And, I know we're supposed to meet in 12 years, but that's so long from now, and I now feel weak...I miss you lazygaming, and I know it's not your fault that your grounded, it's really not...but I wish I could see the light of our relationship once more, when you come back, please message me asap. I'm feeling weak and sick, so sick I want to kill myself. So, please, when you come back, message me ASAP. I need you...

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