Hey everyone and welcome to my fnaf 3 story, now I was going to create it on freddyfazbear1390, but that profile got hacked, so I'm doing it here, anyways let it begin!!!!


I sighed as I spun in my swivel seat, who knew a job could be so boring? Suddenly, I got a phone call. I decided to answer it, maybe it would separate me from my boredom. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Ricu, nice to meet you, and welcome to fazbear fright: the horror attraction, where horror and fright are mixed in. We welcome you, and hope you like it here, but there is one problem. There is a blood thirsty animatronic, and unfortunately for you, the only blood that's here is yours. We will try to deactivate the animatronic, but we may need you to repair him. We aren't shure yet, but hey, we are sure you could make it. Just, stay calm and don't struggle, and one more thing, there are gadgets all over the room. On your right, there is a camera, and on your left is a control panel to fix things that may go offline. And also, we found a foxy mask, then again it could be another crappy cosplay. Anyways, this time, you can wear the foxy mask. It can fool springtrap, but it can not fool roxas, blaze, and many others. But I'm sure you'll be fine, just stay calm and watch out, there can be some disturbing things right around your corner. Try to stay clear of them. That's one way that you can survive. There's also a area in the desk in which you can hide in, ya know, to hide from the phantoms. Yeah, springtrap doesn't fall for the desk thing, but the phantoms do. So at least you have stuff to use so you don't go empty handed to fight against these demons. Yeah, they're idiots. Anyways, talk to you tommarow, g'night." And it turned 6 am. I didn't give a shit though. I ran out of the pizzeria. And ran home to my girlfriend.

Hahaha, funny story, this was only part one of what should be 7. Heh, so I guess I'll see you in part 2.