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  • I live in In anime
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is rolpelyaing, beyblading, being a bitch to my sister, and being a fanboy of fnaf and anime, after all, I do live in anime.
  • I am I'm a heartless
  • Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my Fnaf RP. Now I made this because I was bored, but, if I can get just more then a couple comments, I will be happy as fuck. Anyways, here are the rules


    2. Try to stick to the timeline

    Alright what happened was:

    Fredbear got rusty so people repaired him, but they broke him and he turned savage, its our responsibility to stop him.

    My characters:

    Ennard Golden Freddy Myself Ricu Blaze Jack Mark Skadok Mike Fritz Pewd Ihascupquake Blade Tyson Shadow Freddy

    Hopefully you enjoy my RP

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  • Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    Fnaf 3

    February 26, 2017 by Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    Hey everyone and welcome to my fnaf 3 story, now I was going to create it on freddyfazbear1390, but that profile got hacked, so I'm doing it here, anyways let it begin!!!!

    NIGHT 1

    I sighed as I spun in my swivel seat, who knew a job could be so boring? Suddenly, I got a phone call. I decided to answer it, maybe it would separate me from my boredom. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Ricu, nice to meet you, and welcome to fazbear fright: the horror attraction, where horror and fright are mixed in. We welcome you, and hope you like it here, but there is one problem. There is a blood thirsty animatronic, and unfortunately for you, the only blood that's here is yours. We will try to deactivate the animatronic, but we may need you to repair him. We aren't sh…

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  • Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    My fnaf story

    February 25, 2017 by Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    It was the year 1983, god, it's stuck in my memory like an itch that will never go away. It makes me look back and think "why the hell?" Here's what happened:

    SEPTEMBER 3RD,1983

    It all happened on a sunny day. He knew a good day would end with such a terrible thing? I was at my house reading the newspaper when I realized I was late for work. I quickly got in my car and drove to my work. I work at the Fredbears Family Diner. You may of heard that place in whispers, yeah, it's not the BEST place in the world. Anyways, I got into work and I saw fredbear, but where were the people? There weren't any people at all. I saw a manager and ran to him, asking what happened. All he said was "bad things". After I asked a parent, I finally got a good ans…

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