• Michaeljackson1065ishere!

    Suzy ran down the hall "Omg! He found me! I swore he looked at me, his eyes" She thought as she boosted down the hallway, gasping for air. " I gotta hide somewhere! "She thought as she ran into the kitchen...jumping behind the counter "omg! The Fox found me...where'd he go? Let's pray he won't find me before 6, why'd I even get myself into this...I'm such a crazy hitch to let Darrel dare me to do this!" Her thoughts got interrupted as she heard the sound of moans and a whisper mixed in. She looked up to stare at a yellow chicken... "What the-" she wasn't able to finish her last thought because she heard the crush of her skull between the chickens jaws as she fell backwards, dying.

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  • Isurvivedtheicebucketchallenge

    Hey guys...not so happy me here, and you know why...lazygaming has recently sent a post on freddyfazbear1390's account announcing he's leaving and said for us not to forget him...and I will never forget him, for he gave me comfort and -the thing I love the most- his love. I also shall never forgive him for he helped me get through this thing called life, and I don't know what I would do without him...I know that he might not come back...and if he never does, I will kill myself because he was the only thing I lived for..he was the only one I truly cared about...I mean yes, falco also helped me, but he never made me laugh and make me feel comfortable as much as lazygaming did. Lazygaming, if you ever come back...we miss you, I miss…

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  • Isurvivedtheicebucketchallenge

    Hey everyone! I mostly made this blog because I was bored... also, because I kind of had a thing to say. I've been with lazygaming for a while, and I've been keeping a lowprofile, but I have a crush on him. How should I tell him? In RP style or should I ask him to come to chat....or? Idk what to do! Please help me guys, I really like him....and I get nervous when I'm around him..please tell me guys, and hopefully he doesn't see this. If he does, then I'm screwed. Please tell me what to do..

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  • Isurvivedtheicebucketchallenge

    Hello! This is part one of my own fnaf series in which we will mostly likely be doing 10 parts, I dunno..but anyways,

    Story: 5 days til the party, right?

    Characters I am:

    Purple guys son, purple guys son brother, purple guys daughter, purple guy, fredbear, and springbonnie


    EveryoneIamclearlysad (other account)

    Lazygaming (for helping through the downsides of my life ❤️)

    Falcolombardi99 (thank you dad, for helping me all along, I hope to see you soon)

    And nightmarefoxy(line of numbers I can't remember) (thx for doing roleplays on here which helped me get the idea)

    Rules: stick to the idea, blah blah blah

    Also, thank you everyone

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  • Everyoneiamclearlysad123

    Hey, now I may not be admin currently, but...nvm.

    Spam away

    Or do shit

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  • Everyoneiamclearlysad123

    Hey guys, if you remember the fnaf rp I made called "when the lights go out" then you'll be ok to move on to this. Anyways, you know the characters and story, but something else happened when people heard fazbears fright burned down


    Rules: this is only for fun, but try to stick to the main idea

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  • NightmareFoxy656823

    This is le blog as said in the title

    Itsa me, NightmareFoxy656823.

    You can refer to me as any of my alternate account nicknames.

    i write roleplays sometimes

    I'll most likely edit this with new roleplay ideas, keep in mind that i may not always have new roleplay ideas on here, it's more of a thing that i'll do when i feel like it.(There will be a variety of roleplays)

    Le roleplay idea here. If you approve of the roleplay, you may post it on another wikia if you please.

    There are no roleplays at the moment, please check back later, you may find one.

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  • Iamthepurpleguy

    Shadow: why are we here?

    Me: because everyone was doing one so I got you guys

    Golden freddy: kill me now

    Freddy: (sighs) hi guys

    Bonnie: this is just SAD

    chica: hehehehehe

    Toy chica: am i pretty?

    Mark: this is shit

    Jack: HEY LADS

    me: ok guys ask away

    Ennard: we are still here

    Fredbear: (laughs) hahahahaha

    Me: ok guys, you can dare us and ask us anything you want to, we are here for you guys


    Shadowfuntimefreddy: help

    Shadowbaby: help us

    Shadowballora: hehehe

    Me: you heard me guys, dare us and we will answer, right freddy?

    Freddy: you bet!!!

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  • Speedrunnerinthenight,normalpersonintheday

    Hey guys, before want to begin I wanted to say that there indeed is now an FNAF rp called "when the lights go out", and that place is here, but, hopefully this wiki is appreciated.

    My characters:







    Shadow freddy

    Golden Freddy 

    And Fritz

    story: Fazbear's fright now burned down? Local amusement park devastated, can you help the animatronics before its too late?

    Rules: try to make this your all, I know you guys can make this wiki rp extraordinary. :D

    shout outs:

    Seizure fingers (my crush)


    And you viewers

    Thank you for being part of this rp :D.

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  • Ikindoflikeparkouridk


    (Phone rings) hello? Hello? Hi! Welcome to Ricu's pizzeria and all that jaz. I'm here just to go over a few rules before I begin. Now, the first thing I have to say is that we found a few animatronics. I think they're names were Ricu, Roxas, Mark, Jack, and spring. Now, there really isn't anything to say for tonight except that you have to stay calm because if you don't, then you will quickly get ki- I mean scared, you will quickly get scared. Anyways, see you tommarow my bros. (phone hangs up and it's 5:00 AM)



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  • Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my Fnaf RP. Now I made this because I was bored, but, if I can get just more then a couple comments, I will be happy as fuck. Anyways, here are the rules


    2. Try to stick to the timeline

    Alright what happened was:

    Fredbear got rusty so people repaired him, but they broke him and he turned savage, its our responsibility to stop him.

    My characters:

    Ennard Golden Freddy Myself Ricu Blaze Jack Mark Skadok Mike Fritz Pewd Ihascupquake Blade Tyson Shadow Freddy

    Hopefully you enjoy my RP

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  • Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    Fnaf 3

    February 26, 2017 by Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    Hey everyone and welcome to my fnaf 3 story, now I was going to create it on freddyfazbear1390, but that profile got hacked, so I'm doing it here, anyways let it begin!!!!

    NIGHT 1

    I sighed as I spun in my swivel seat, who knew a job could be so boring? Suddenly, I got a phone call. I decided to answer it, maybe it would separate me from my boredom. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Ricu, nice to meet you, and welcome to fazbear fright: the horror attraction, where horror and fright are mixed in. We welcome you, and hope you like it here, but there is one problem. There is a blood thirsty animatronic, and unfortunately for you, the only blood that's here is yours. We will try to deactivate the animatronic, but we may need you to repair him. We aren't sh…

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  • Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    My fnaf story

    February 25, 2017 by Imabigfanoffnaftoo1234

    It was the year 1983, god, it's stuck in my memory like an itch that will never go away. It makes me look back and think "why the hell?" Here's what happened:

    SEPTEMBER 3RD,1983

    It all happened on a sunny day. He knew a good day would end with such a terrible thing? I was at my house reading the newspaper when I realized I was late for work. I quickly got in my car and drove to my work. I work at the Fredbears Family Diner. You may of heard that place in whispers, yeah, it's not the BEST place in the world. Anyways, I got into work and I saw fredbear, but where were the people? There weren't any people at all. I saw a manager and ran to him, asking what happened. All he said was "bad things". After I asked a parent, I finally got a good ans…

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  • Lazygaming


    February 23, 2017 by Lazygaming

    Hi m8

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  • Freddyfazbear19983

    Should I make it?

    February 20, 2017 by Freddyfazbear19983

    Hey everyone I am kind of stuck, having two words in my head and those two words are "yes" and "no". What do you think? Should I make a story about fnaf 3? Or is it good as it is? Tell me honestly, and you'll get a prize. So, honestly tell me in the comments if I should, or if i shouldnt.

    YOU DECIDE!!!!

    Oh and


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  • Tykue

    New RP?

    January 4, 2017 by Tykue

    Can I make a new RP? Or would that be too much?

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  • ElloPuppetMK


    February 27, 2016 by ElloPuppetMK

    Ill be on this Monday, All day!

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  • Kay the gamer

    8:18 2/25/16 update

    February 26, 2016 by Kay the gamer

    So it has been a while since someone was on the wikia well, I hope people can come back to the wiki!

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  • That Bloncherer Jerk

    Oh look, I'm first.

    Yay. I'm just going to type in Medium Spring Green now.

    Anyway, this is a new wiki dedicated to our roleplay. That means probably we're gonna get some flak from FNAF haters. Which is why I disabled anons.

    But be aware, there will be trolls and vandals and whatnot with accounts. I think for a community like this, BRI (block, revert, ignore) does best. I hope there will be an admin on at every time, be it me, Kay, NF, or Manglefox. As for the other users, when you someone as a troll or vandal, ignore them and tell an admin. If they try to bait you, ignore them.

    Yeah, I'm not feeling too positive, because "I always hope for the best. Experience, unfortunately, has taught me to expect the worst," spoken by Gul Dukat. Or is it D…

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