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Destroyed Toy Freddy

Image 2

Destroyed Toy Chica

Image 1

Destroyed Toy Bonnie

Image 3

Destroyed Mangle

Image 4

Destroyed Foxy

Image 5

Destroyed Foxy at a distance

Image 6

Destroyed Chica

Image 7

Destroyed Bonnie

Image 8

Destroyed Freddy

Image 10 SPOILER:These characters may be in the roleplay...if you are reading this then look out for a The highlight named 'Special Characters!'

Destroyed BB

Image 9


Image 11

If you would like to add an image/Page for one of your characters, then just leave a message on my wall.

If you want a spoiler then read under Freddy's image

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Kay the gamer
That Bloncherer Jerk
Lol Adventure Plushtrap tho.
11 that's mine
XD. Idk I may draw a picture of Erron and sandstruck
I'm not good at drawing

Well. I could draw yours for ya!

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