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Oh wow

It's a test message.
comment if you please.
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Should you see this....

(I've been watching this entire wikia's activity)
(Creepy? Maybe? Just assume yes.)
If there are any questions about things your curious about just ask.
If i am inactive...(Which is almost never unless i am ignoring you)
If i do something annoying, just ask for me not to do it, i'll stop depending on what the thing is.
ALRIGHTY, now for the things about that roleplay this wikia was originally formed for.
If you wish to revive the roleplay, just ask me, i'll most likely allow you to revive it.
CHARACTERS ha ha ha, i was a terrible roleplayer when i started the roleplay, if you wish to ask questions about the characters you may. They might be the same, i might have changed them.
I don't exactly like to roleplay with too many people anymore as i usually get bored of roleplaying shortly after i start.
Conversations are the same as roleplaying.
If you wish to be admin (If you are not one already) just ask.
Give me whatever nickname you please.
There is an incredibly low chance that i'll respond to messages on this wikia, you would have a higher chance if you messaged me on:
That is all, enjoy your day/night whatever time it is that you are reading this.
I'll be doing that thing i tend to do when bored.
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Inactive roleplay

The roleplay has gotten too inactive, soon i'll close it and this wiki
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Roleplay on hold

Ok,so I'm putting the roleplay on hold until there is at least a decent amount of roleplayers active.reply with your characters so I know that your active.This is because there is an important thing that is about to happen in the roleplay, if there are not enough people there, then the important thing will just be a waste of my time, if you read all of this, then thank you for your time.
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I found a wiki for wiki templates, if you know how to add templates then add some templates.....the Link
Is here
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Occasionally i might give out awards, but only if i think you REALLY deserve the award, i will make a list with some of the things you will need to do to get them.
100/200 Edits (This will increase once you have gotten more edits than that)
Most active
Making a good Wordmark
Making a good background
Uploading 5/10 (This will increase after you have posted more than that)
More will be coming soon.
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So I'm currently trying to customize the wiki, make it look better. Right now I'm working on giving people's names colors. So, uh, put what color you want below or pick one from this page.
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My plan for the roleplay WARNING:Spoilers

So, I'm planning on making all of the animatronics corrupted.This will be an important plot point in the roleplay.Later on they will gain control of the corruption, they will then slowly learn how to use their powers properly................Later, they will all start fighting to become the king/queen of all the corruption.....The winner, will gain emense power......Then, all of them will go after the being and Lucy to try and corrupt them to get even stronger....These are all the spoilers for now......Remember, I warned you about these spoilers......
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